Posted by: jmtoriel | October 1, 2006

GREEN Everything

What if we adopted an electoral system which represented the voting public more acurately, people and industry were taxed according to how wasteful they were (and rewarded for being resourceful), climate change/global warming was the primary concern of political and business leaders, a more accurate measure of wealth (instead of the GDP) was implimented, regulation was put in place to curb our GHG emmissions and addiction to fossil fuels with the use of more renewables, wholistic approaches to preventative health care saved lives as well as money, small, local business and innovation was encouraged instead of big, global corporations, poverty was made history, external policy focussed on peace, internal policy embraced diversity and the next generation was deemed as imoportant or more important than the present one?…Guess what? All these issues make up green politics. There is no spectrum of left and right. Traditional politics is primarily focussed on short-term fixes to a damaged capitalist system that is based on profit. Socialism focusses on empolyment and worker’s rights.Green politics takes an ecological approach to our economy and society. We all share the same planet and its resources. The economy is part of a larger ecosystem and not the basis of everything (which traditional views hold).
Can we green everything? How much, how soon? What will it take to develop these ideas into practice? Are these really the answers?Let’s talk about it!


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