Posted by: jmtoriel | October 29, 2006

“We’ve overshot the long-term carrying capacity of the planet to support human life.”

Are you scared? This Halloween, we, as the human race know more about ourselves and the planet than we ever have. That’s progress. But what is the evidence showing? Is there even a debate?…

“This year is the first time in tens of thousands of years you could take a kayak to the North Pole,”says William Rees, father of the ecological footprint. “That’s the evidence. So don’t give me optimism about technology moving us forward, because it isn’t.”

Science used to be revered and respected for the evidence it brought. Now, we are numbing as the evidence mounts and we are in deep denial. Innovation and technology has got us into and out of trouble in the past, but we can no longer rely on it.

We must do more than react. We cannot afford to conduct more research on the obvious. We must ACT. Not in 2030, not in 2050 as the Canadian government is proposing, but NOW!

The quality of life that we so humbly inherit is but a figment of our created materialsm. We must look beyond the next quarterly profit, paycheque, or even generation. We must figure that every action we take that results in the burning of fossil fuels (think about your daily habits) will assist in the further depletion of resources and the warming/changing of our climate.

We have hit the wall. The endagered species are dissapearing, but we will too if we remain passive and let industry voluntarily take on more responsible roles.

The alarm bells have sounded. It is up to us. It really is up to us.


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