Posted by: jmtoriel | November 28, 2006

Green Victory

I am proud of last night’s result. May achieved a higher vote than most political analysts gave her credit for and she nearly took the seat.

Elizabeth May’s campaign was truly grassroots. Despite a very close second (at times in first position and never dropping to third place where the Conservatives stayed), it brought hope back into democracy and the grassroots movement. It was a victory.

As I have always argued, the Green Party is crossing all party lines and traditional left-right partisan politics. The endorsements from the right should not be criticised, but championed. Isn’t that the point? To reach out to all parties and green their platforms? This is the most important factor in support of the Greens.

Let’s compare from last Jan:
Liberal: 40.1%
Conservative: 29.9%
New Democrat: 23.8%
Green: 5.5%

Nov 27, 2006 (245/253 polls reporting)
Liberal: 34.8%, -5.3%
Green: 25.9%, +20.4%
Conservative: 24.4%, -5.5%
New Democrat: 14.2%, -9.6%

Yes, she bit into the NDP vote more than the other parties (as the Greens have in BC), but, more importantly, I would argue that the voters were voting FOR Elizabeth and the Green Party platform instead of against Harper or the Liberals.

That is my biggest problem with the NDP. No new policies, just
criticisms of the status quo and it is getting old.

May summed it up nicely in her blog:
NDP desperate
Just finished my canvassing .. a great day and very positive!

I am so thrilled that Megan Walker and the NDP have changed their
tune. At the beginning of the campaign, she said the Green Party was
not a factor in this election.

Today people are coming into our office complaining about new
literature out from the NDP…. Special attack flyer against the Green

One side, all green with white letters: “Thinking of voting for the
Green Party…. Think carefully.”

Reverse side: Big letters: “The Greens ran a good campaign but the
reality is the they can’t win in London.”

smaller text: “In this election, you can make a difference. You can
affect the outcome and send Stephen Harper a message he can’t ignore.
By voting for Megan Walker and the NDP, you can defeat the do-nothing,
ineffective Liberals and send a real message to Stephen Harper.

“The NDP is the only party that can win and get things done — on the
environment, on health care, on a balanced role in Afghanistan and on
democratic reform.

“Send Stephen Harper a message only Megan Walker can deliver.

Below, next to a photo of me, is the header: “Green Candidate
Elizabeth May: in her own words” followed by out of context quotes:

“May on the NDP: “Of all party leaders, Layton has the best grasp of
the science of climate change and the most in-depth experience in
implementing carbon reduction strategies.” (In Policy Options

Of course, the NDP attack literature fails to note that the article
was written when I was Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada
for a special Policy Options feature on the Montreal climate
conference (November 2005). Although Jim Harris was a great Green
Party leader, he did not have the in-depth background on climate
science. Now it is clear to anyone, that as Green Party leader, my
experience exceeds that of Layton. The next line of the article, which
the NDP does not quote, reads ” It would be truly shocking if Layton
allowed domestic politics to jeopardize the next phase of
international carbon restrictions.”

Of course that is what he did by bringing down the government on the
opening day of the conference, November 28, 2005. Truly shocking

May on the Green Party: I’m voting Green but “only because I am in a
very safe Liberal seat. I wouldn’t take the risk of voting Green if I
thought I might elect someone who would help destroy Kyoto.” (CBC
Sunday Edition, during 2006 federal election.)

True. As Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada, I put
protecting Kyoto above partisan politics. Clearly Jack doesn’t.
It is no wonder Ms. Walker came in 4th.

I understand that the NDP is the strongest opponent IN parliament to
Kyoto, but it is not strong enough and the negotiations are already
getting watered down. This concerns me and many other Canadians who
believe their voices are not being represented. We need pro-rep more than ever.

Canadians, especially young, progressive ones, are searching for something they believe in. That was made clearly evident in London’s bi-election. Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada are indeed turning this world around.



  1. Congratulations on a strong showing JM. Yes, people power makes change happen. Your willingness to invest in the polical process and push it where you beleive it needs to go to serve Canada is really inspiring.

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