Posted by: jmtoriel | December 12, 2006

Is the NDP lefting the right as much as the Greens are “greening” all parties?

If you believe strongly in the important global and Canadian issues that are represented by the Greens, I encourage you all to consider your next federal votes with a long-term strategy. View this article from London, ON:…591309-sun.html

Here is why voting for Layton and the NDP vote will be a wasted vote with the Greenest Liberal candidate, Dion, at the helm:
-they can never win a majority
-they truly split the left
-they have no presence in the Maritimes
-even less in Quebec
-losing base in the prairie provinces
-do not represent young and new Canadians
-have no new policies or ideas
-criticise the right and the government effectively, but rarely have a concrete plan to alter the status quo
-do not fully support changing the current, undemocratic and archaic FPP electoral system because they realize it would decrease their seat numbers
-they supported (every single NDP MP) Harper’s/Ignatieff’s reignition of Quebec’s “nation”hood (coming from Quebec this is an outrage)

Here is why a vote for the Liberals and Dion would be a waste for the progressive voters:
-Things will generally stay the same and the Bloc will try to bring up nationalism/seperatism/sovereignty which will lead us down another destructive path and parties will define themselves on that basis. Economics will remain the same (neo-classical)
-trade will increasingly disfavour Canada
-innovation and education will drop while we continue to build roads and rely on depleting our natural resources
-health care will continue to be a major problem as prevention is overlooked
-foreign policy will improve, but only slightly

If we want true progress, we need to attract the right as much as the left and that traditional politics and economics is what has gotten us in this mess in the first place. With issues as concerning as climate change, no one can advocate for policies that act on social and environmental issues that can attract the right and fulfill the left like Elizabeth May and the Green Party. There is strong BC support base represented within the party structure with Adriane Carr as co-Deputy Leader and Ben West as the provincial representative among others in the shadow cabinet.
In order to vote with a concience and support a truly progressive party as well as green the other parties, as Elizabeth May has in the London by-election (May came in second over the NDP and the Conservatives with 26%), the most sustainable choice has been and continues to be the Green Party of Canada.


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