Posted by: jmtoriel | October 18, 2007

Where’s the opposition?

The Throne Speech was far from good, but better than expected given the threatening politicking from the previous weeks. The party leaders had more time to fume after a frustrating summer of largely successful Harper strategising. But, the Conservatives haven’t sold Canadians yet. They have focussed so much effort on Quebec, they are losing ground pretty well everywhere else. The Grits are fractured, the NDP looked weakened from lack of ammo in the Throne Speech coming out expecting a fight and swinging at air balls… Duceppe is as predictable as ever and is losing steam. Canadians are drifting across the spectrum and realizing that old skool politics is well, too old skool. Not buying what they’re selling and have indeed lost touch with the voters. The Greens are getting a look and nearly won a seat in the Ontario election beating out the NDP in 18 ridings with a tremendous (nearly triple) rise in support. Perhaps Elizabeth May and deputy leader, Adriane Carr, realized that a redefinition of what the GPC stands for is needed in time for the Throne Speech. Heck the media, including the Tyee, have done little in this regard.
Enter “Vision Green” right in time for the ugly mud-slinging of the traditional parties scrambling positioning for an election: [url=]


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