Posted by: jmtoriel | October 25, 2007

Voters have a right to vote GREEN

I was lucky to have witnessed history last weekend in Victoria, BC. A fine cast of 5 candidates presented themselves in a dignified, compelling fashion putting values before egos. A breath of fresh air in the political mire of dirty politics where dissappointment of losses quickly gave way to standing ovations to the newly elected leader, Jane Sterk. This is exemplary when compared to the mud slinging that is ever-present from our current political leaders and traditional parties.
So, while Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail criticised Green voters of “becoming a liability to the very environment it tries to protect,” I say hogwash!! To what do we owe the orange brand? What is new about the New Democratic Party? And what makes them democratic?… They certainly did not support STV, a more representational electoral system that nearly passed in 2005 without any official encouragement from their behalf. The NDP is a mouthpiece of the labour movement which has rarely represented the values of ecologists and still bases its lack of vision with negative oppositional politics. In this respect, it will always remain in opposition. On the few occassions when it has become government, they have increased industrial logging, invested in massive aquaculture projects, subsidised nuclear energy and enabled greater incentives for uranium mining, According to the Sierra Club, NDP governments in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia have had some of the worst environmental track records in Canada and the pronouncement by former NDP Premier Glen Clark that “environmentalists are enemies of progress” takes the cake.

The truth is that NDP platforms can and do promise the moon. Like the other traditional parties, it sees the environment as seperate from the economy. The reality is that the economy is the environment. All our natural resources come from the Earth– water, minerals, metals, food, trees. Until the other parties come to this realization, voters should feel good about casting their Green ballots. Unlike the orange party, the Green Party of Canada is willing to try fresh, new and innovative policies successfully used by Green parties in governments around the world, as a means to help build an ecologically sustainable society.



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