Posted by: jmtoriel | October 14, 2008

Changing the Climate in Parliament

Canadians have an opportunity to send a clear message to Ottawa tomorrow: we must change the climate of status quo rhetoric in Parliament. 

On a personal level, I have the tremendous good fortune to have 1 more reason to vote for the future on this election. My new-born baby daughter, Ruby.

When I look into her fresh face I see hope and reason to care for the future of our country and our planet.

Harper and the Conservatives have shown Canadians and the world that they do not care for the well-being of Canadians and the dire state of the environment. Popularity in such organizations and blogs (like and, Sierra Club Canada, etc). All worthy sites and opinions if the voters followed the polling of their ridings and followed closely to the issues of the parties and the candidates, but the reality is that this is not the case.

If there is one issue to ride on this election, it’s the environment/Climate Change/energy — and by that I mean the economy. Because it is one in the same. Everything comes from the environment, hence the value we place on it (commodities, resources). When we attempt to separate the 2, we all lose.

Given that the NDP have decided to focus their attacks on the Liberals while the Liberals have attempted to attract the “progressives”, I can only deduce that the NDP strategy team is out to lunch and don not deserve the votes they will receive (count the number of ridings that will go to the Tories as a result of this grand scheme of pouncing on Dion in unison with the Tories (which caused the previous election in the first place!). Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying to vote Liberal here, but at least they understand the importance of pricing carbon —  and the economy. So, while I do not endorse the Liberal Party of Canada no Stéphane Dion, I hope he pulls off a minority government that would enable a strategic alliance of progressive MPs to tackle the Tories in Parliament. Long shot, I know…

So, given that the NDP has taken such a hard stance on the carbon tax and blindly states the possibility of forming opposition while placing all the financial burden on corporations (yes, even small ones) and hard caps on heavy polluters that will pass on the burden back to the consumers, it is clear to me that Canadians should respond with a clear message that focusses on solving the current environmental and economic crises:

My strategy: ABCNDP and Green when it will not mean a possible Tory. In other words, vote for the FUTURE!


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