Posted by: jmtoriel | January 29, 2009

Brown Xmas Tree Budget

Gifts for all to remain in power for a little while longer while neglecting Canada’s potential does not bode well for the future, But that is exactly what we were handed yesterday by Finance Minister Flaherty and PM Harper.

Canada lacks vision and innovation. While Bush was in power, Canada had an opportunity (that Europe took advantage of) to become world leaders in renewable energy and global leaders in innovative sectors of high-tech, green building and energy efficiency the Green Economy. Instead, we pooled it all to feed the archaic energy-intensive and polluting resource-based economy based on speculation in the commodity market and clunky traditional manufacturing…

In times of economic growth we cut taxes to the corporations and made government weaker by removing regulations and trade barriers.

Is anyone questioning the neo-liberal/conservative assumption that greater growth in GDP by exploiting resources at all costs has really benefitted Canadians as a whole?…

Well, there is an alternative Economic Stimulus put out by the Green Party of Canada that relates to this issue and would take it on:

This plan is solution-based and forward-looking and has an emphasis in kick-starting the economy. This is what Canada needs. Unfortunately, the Conservatives did not pay attention…

I am disappointed at the lack of incentives and spending that would really encourage long-term resilience to the negative consequences of our globalized economy. A shift towards a community, grass-roots level economy that focusses on a thriving Main Street with a healthier, more educated and brighter future.

Instead, we are handed an $85 billion deficit that will most likely become structural.

The ray of hope comes from the south where Obama leads with a compelling vision that will undoubtedly take root north of the border.

Shame on Harper and the cronies on Parliament Hill for not realizing our potential and creating an enormous shortfall for the future by remaining entrenched in the past.


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