Posted by: jmtoriel | April 7, 2009

Fueling BC’s economy with Clean, Green Energy

I thought readers of my blog would like to know the Green Party policy book (The Green Book ) has been released. I’m summarizing some of the key energy policies in the platform below. It’s clear that the Green Party has the most progressive and truly green energy policies of all the 3 major BC parties.

While I advocate for the BC Greens and am running for them (in a strong Liberal riding – Vancouver-Langara), I’m doing it because I care about the future of the province and I am passionate about sustainable energy.

I would like BC readers to consider the following this election:

1. The BC Greens know we will not form the next government, but a vote for us will send a strong signal that reform is needed to promote clean, green renewable energy in this province. Nothing short of Feed-in tariffs will promote geothermal, solar, ocean and wind to the level and speed that is required, given the conclusive science of climate change.
2. With the adoption of STV, we will become a stronger by the next provincial election and we are focusing on key ridings for a break-through this time. Getting behind Greens as a policy vehicle is much easier than changing the status quo in the other parties. The stronger Greens are, the more other parties will steal/borrow/collaborate around our policies. 

3. Our energy and climate change policies.
We clearly define clean, green energy: “Clean energy does not produce harmful bi-products such as SO2, carbon dioxide, radioactive waste, and other toxic or harmful substances. Green energy does minimal harm to the environment and its planning and development considers broader economic and social concerns.
In keeping with Green principles, green energy projects are smaller scale and managed regionally. ”

Fueling the Economy with Clean Energy
BC Greens will allocate funding for the building of green
and clean renewable energy facilities with an emphasis on
cooperative and municipally-owned utilities. We will ensure
private producers and transmission operators are able to
participate in a mixed public/private energy system. We favour
the creation of regional energy production systems rather than
inefficient, large-scale projects. These systems allow for a built-in
resiliency in case of failure and create more long-term jobs than
large-scale projects.

A new ministry – combining environment, energy, and climate
change portfolios – will oversee a new BC Energy Authority
responsible for all aspects of energy regulation and planning for
the province. Elected Regional Resource Management Boards
will establish a diversified portfolio of projects to meet regional

Key Goals
-Get the province off oil and gas•
-Power the province using only green and clean power (as defined above)•
-Provide incentives for citizens and businesses to generate their own power and get off the grid
-Encourage new clean and green energy generation projects•
-Promote local and district scale generation over remote projects

BC Greens Will
-Establish a Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
-Create a new BC Energy Authority (BCEA) to support the diversification of energy sources. BC Hydro would report to the new BCEA as would all new power producers
-Make BC Transmission Corp. a division of the BCEA
-Create a clear reporting relationship for the BCEA to the Ministry of Energy, Environment and Climate Change
-Mandate elected Regional Resource Management Boards that report to the BCEA for planning purposes, and approval of regional energy generation and distribution systems
-Require the new BCEA to eliminate the current calls for power, and to implement Feed-in-Tariffs
Repeal Bill 30 – 2006 Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (No. 2), 2006 which prevents local oversight of public resources and include local and regional government representation on the new elected Regional Resource Management Boards
-Halt all river-based energy generation projects pending stricter environmental assessment
-Require methane capture and power generation plants at all wastewater and landfill sites
-Restore public ownership of the Nechako/Kemano generation system
Phase out all power imports from fossil fuels or other greenhouse gas emitting sources
-Require that BCs short- and long-term energy needs be fully met first, before foreign energy sales take place
-Prohibit the use of food products other than local food waste products for the production of fuels

J-M Toriel
Candidate for Vancouver-Langara
BC Green Party
– “If we don’t do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable.” Petra Kelly

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