Posted by: jmtoriel | January 7, 2010

Eat some prorogies, Harper!

Canadian democracy is at a crossroads. Either we accept what is unacceptable to the represented majority (or 2/3 of Canadians according to latest polls by party breakdown), and let apathy take its course in leading the pack on public opinion towards politics and politicians in this country and allow PMO to have increasing supreme executive power OR we demand a change to the status quo. The latter can take many forms:

1) An election is looking far more appealing. All other parties should divest time off to prepare their war rooms for the Spring.

2) Coalition amongst progressives. Perhaps Canada wasn’t ready for it last time. Add latest EKOS polling results of the NDP and Greens nation-wide and you have Canada’s new majority within 2% points (surpassing Grits)!

3) Change our archaic FPP voting system to be more representational and accountable to the public. Electing Upper House (Senate) would make vast improvements as well.

4) Elect Head of State to Executive and eliminate GG/Queen. There. I said it and no lightning strike from the heavens came down on me. Once the Queen passes on, the monarchy is over — or should be.

Ideally, I’d propose a combination of all 4, but the reset button on Parliament takes away the very principles of our constitutional monarchy as it stands now.

So, let’s change it before a dictatorship becomes the norm.

No regrets to misconduct in Copenhagen, Harper takes on democracy


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