Posted by: jmtoriel | August 8, 2010

Don’t fear change, fear reality!

Don’t fear change, fear reality!

David Suzuki and the environmental movement have sought out to educate and bring about peaceful change to current attitudes and misconceptions on energy and climate change with this series, The Bottom Line on CBC Radio. It has been very thought-provoking and engaging and I highly recommend you take the time to sift through the interviews. It’s not simply about the status quo federal gov’t’s laggard approach to dealing (or NOT dealing) with these issues that will undoubtedly increase in importance this century. It is bringing to light the short-sightedness of the oil & gas industry that fails to register the importance of clean air, water and soil as human rights and the irresponsible nature of seeking to secure its bottom line with little or no regard to the devastating effects the extraction, production and burning of these “resources” will have on our quality of life (now and in the future). Why do we continue to blatantly subsidize the wealthies industry on the planet and throw money away to unproven carbon capture & sequestration projects with our tax dollars without balancing it out with an equal or fair share to known cleaner energy innovations in renewables?

It shines a light on our fear of entering the 21st century as leaders so we can continue to pollute and extract the filthiest energy source on the planet — the Tar Sands — clearly supported by heavily lobbied politicians at the federal and provincial levels in the name of money. Shame on us for fearing the change that is required to keep the greed machine going in the wake of renewed knowledge of the climate crisis that is so obviously upon us. Thanks DS for exposing our 20th century approach to dealing with 19th century industrialization and resource reliance in an increasingly unstable 21st century world.

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