Posted by: jmtoriel | May 3, 2011

What happened Canada?… The Orange crushed alright and so did FPP

The moderates panicked. The youth vote didn’t show up as expected — avoiding fear-driven, negative politics (especially demoralized young Libs dealing with attacks from all sides). Moderate Quebecers tired of sovereignty issue, but disliking Harper and Libs, fled to new social dem federalist party with a leader they liked and a party they were willing to try out for a change at the helm in Ottawa. Moderate centre Libs fearing an NDP minority lead, pre-election, fled to Harper and Tories. Soft Greens wanting Harper out more than voting on principle also voted NDP or stayed home (except in SGI where strategic voting and local momentum actually benefitted to make historic victory for Elizabeth May and the Greens). NDP strengthened to surge and split to new record heights. Harper wins bigger with fear (and countless attack ads and blame tactics for 7 yrs) to drive additional 5% needed for 40% “majority”. Harper wins, Canada loses:

Harper minority stone-wall (2 prorogues) and bully (first govt held in contempt ever) to further divide progressive left and centre and demonize any collaboration or coalition. CHECK

Harper majority House. CHECK

Harper appointed majority Senate. CHECK

Harper appointed Supreme Court in next 2 yrs. CHECK

Reluctance to advance climate/green energy/transportation, corporate tax cuts, education, aboriginal rights, social justice policy or come to compromise on any significant issue outside of crime and punishment. GUARANTEE

Cutting back of every public institution in Canada. GUARANTEE

Largest debt and deficit in Canadian history. CHECK and GUARANTEE

No consensus in Parliament and most divisive ideological spectrum in Canadian history for 4 long years.GUARANTEE

Greater totalitarian top-down leadership from PMO. GUARANTEE

Thanks Jack… but, in fairness, you shouldn’t get the bulk of the blame.

The First Past the Post electoral system is largely to blame. Here is what the electoral seat count looks like now and what it would look like with proportional representation:

FPP        PR

167 CPC 122

102 NDP 94

34   LPC  58

4   BQ  18

1 GPC  16

308 total

Oh Canada!…


  1. Additional note: Originally coming from Montreal, I am pleased that the maple leaf flag will once again be waved without reservations in la belle province and the sovereignty issue is completely off the table at the federal level for a long time to come — possibly forever. That is also good news.
    My grave concern lies with the polarization that will undoubtedly become the status quo in Canada for the next 4 yrs and the backlash on the NDP (or whatever it becomes with potential collaboration with Liberals) after smearing, ridiculing and stone-walling over that time frame (much as the Liberals have received under Harperite leadership tactics for past 7 yrs), will either meld into something more moderate and centrist to form the new default governing party that the Liberals were or get the likes of a backlash seen only by Kim Campbell after the Mulroney yrs in modern Canadian political history. One thing is for certain, if you are a moderate progressive in this country, the next 4 yrs are going to be very, very painful.

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