Posted by: jmtoriel | May 5, 2011

Bullying in the sandbox

Ms. May, help this House.
The sandbox just got a whole new slew of loud toddlers — all wearing orange and they are piling up their sand to throw to the bully kids dressed in blue. Head gangsta Harper cannot follow the rules and kicks all the kids out when it doesn’t go his way — he has the bulldozer that his Daddy (who works for some BIG OIL company in Alberta) bought him.
He’s one spoiled bully, think most of the parents, but over a third of the parents insist he stays in despite getting caught with rubbing sand in kids faces.
The older kids wearing red are regrouping in the corner of the sandbox. The kids that normally are around to play street hockey from down the Bloc have largely gone home after a crushing game by the younger Orange team injured almost all the players on their team.
May is the wiser, older sister who wears green. The kids fathers insisted she could not play in the sandbox, but she felt they truly needed some supervision. She is also trying to convince the parents in the whole school district that the way to determine who gets to play in the sandbox is largely unfair and does not represent the values instilled by the parents.
With 307 kids in the sandbox, I hope she can prevent the sand throwing and the problem child, Harper, that has gotten well out of control… as has the bullying.

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