Posted by: jmtoriel | January 15, 2016

Rising Shift Away from Fossilfoolishness

The bite is being felt across Canada. The 20th century approach to boosting our coffers in our boom-bust-raw-material-export-driven economy has brought little stability and comfort to Canadians this winter. By placing too much emphasis on extracting natural resources with plenty of subsidies and acting as a lobbying force with public money (Canada and the World has witnessed under the Harper Government over the last decade) has not served Canadians well and plenty of families are packing out of Fort Mackenzie without much hope of an economic turn-around and good employment numbers. The dirty dust is settling and it ain’t pretty.
Canada is a minor player in the global economy with the dirtiest and least viable source of oil from bitumen that the world wants less of (made obvious with the latest in pipeline politics). Canada is learning this lesson the hard way as OPEC (of which we are non-members) decided to undercut “us” (and shale oil extraction or fracking) with greater crude exports — literally flooding the market with cheap oil.
A quote I like to use: “If you’re not at the table — you’re on the menu.”
The good news here is that EV drivers are a part of the transition to a cleaner, renewable economy that will have far greater results for jobs, health and stability (economic and environmental).
Canada can take its place as a renewable energy super power — and benefit. Phasing out ICEs and supporting electrifying transportation is a big part of the puzzle moving forward.
Many of us have been waiting patiently for this shift. Embrace it!

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